Point Values


In order for Skyscanner to monitor your performance and reward you points, we will provide you a personalized link to the Skyscanner website and app when you join. You must include these links every time you mention Skyscanner on your site/social channels so we can see how many people are coming to the site from you and what their behavior is. If this tracking is incorrect, we will not be able to provide points for your work.


While large quantities of traffic to the website are beneficial for awareness, we want to ensure those who come to the website or app are having a great experience, and find exactly what they are looking for. In short, the quality of travelers that come to Skyscanner are preferred over the quantity of travelers. This is why you will be rewarded based off of various actions your followers take when coming to the Skyscanner website or app, such as:

The top 3 members with the most points will be rewarded up to $2,000. You can find more about rewards here.

Find out how current members are earning points here

Email us @ Skyscanner.Elite@skyscanner.com if you have any questions, thank you!