William's Skyscanner Elite Experience

About the author: William Brown
From: Decatur, Georgia
Favorite Place He's Traveled to: Paris, France


"This experience has been profound and inspiring! It’s one that I expect to continue to blossom and add major value to my life and many others.

You may ask yourself, what experience is this guy talking about? Let me tell you...

My Skyscanner Elite experience is what I am EXCITED to tell you about.

I have been a part of the Skyscanner Elite: Exclusive Travel Ambassador Program since July of 2016. When the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t know what to expect. I happened to be scrolling in one of the Facebook groups I’m in and I stopped when I saw the post. It was an article about a travel company and an app that I had never heard of.  They were looking for ambassadors to start a newly created program out of their United States office and I was instantly interested to find out more.

The next thought that came to my head was, “You know that you’re an avid traveler, so why not take a shot and see what happens?!” Once given more information about the Skyscanner brand and their app, I learned that they are a very well known company in Europe and other parts of the world. They average over 60 million visitors a month that come to them for flight searches and over 50 million had already downloaded their app. My other first impressions were that they seemed to be looking for travel bloggers, which was a cause of concern for me. I did not have a blog and at the time I never thought of the possibility of making one. My best chance at being selected for this opportunity was to utilize my social media presence. I could also talk about the trips I had coming up while promoting the brand and their amazing app.

At the time of me filling out the application and these thoughts flowing through my head, I had some pretty great trips lined up. I just got back from Toronto, Canada, which was an amazing city. I had trips planned to Georgia, Illinois, and China. To end 2016 with a bang, I was headed to Miami, Florida and the Bahamas. As I write this article, I can’t help but get excited reliving those beautiful experiences and places with amazing people.

I was accepted to be a part of Skyscanner Elite and I have been a part of this program for over 9 months now and am grateful for the opportunity. Skyscanner continues to grow as a company and the app continues to reach new heights. My favorite feature on the app is the “Let’s go everywhere” feature. With this feature, you set your current location and then it finds the cheapest flight at that time to go anywhere in the WORLD!

Being in this program has increased my ability to speak openly and proudly on one of my major passions in life which is to travel. Traveling outside of where I grew up has had a major impact on my life in several different ways, from appreciating different cultures and lifestyles to the varying mindsets around the world. Every time I take a trip, I’m reminded that the world is such a large space and I am only take up a small part of it.

Most of all, traveling allows me to learn every day, helps my internal drive to deliver results and keeps the flame inside me alive.

The other travel ambassadors in this program are amazing as well. I’ve met some inspiring people from all parts of the world and their daily lives of traveling the world influence me more than they will ever know. Most of the other members of the group have travel blogs and they have had way more success in the travel realm than I have. They have also inspired me to eventually start a travel blog, where I can talk about my experiences of the world through my lenses. Being able to follow everyone’s individual journey continues to amaze me and I feel grateful to share what they have going on with the people in my network. Lastly, the insight and advice that they give is much appreciated.

In this program, you also have a chance to make some extra cash in addition to some pretty great travel merchandise. During my first month in the program. I finished in the top 8 and could pay for my flight to Chicago through my rewards. When you have a chance to travel, create and share what you love in addition to the opportunity to be rewarded for it, it’s a win-win situation.

This Skyscanner Elite: Travel Ambassador Program experience has also been great because of the program’s director, Kelsey, who is always so helpful. Since the beginning, she has been there to answer all my questions and concerns. She knows a ton about the Skyscanner brand and you can easily tell that she loves what she does! I am very excited for what the future entails regarding the program and even more so the brand.

Be on the lookout for what’s next and if you are a travel blogger, photographer, Youtuber, or travel enthusiast like myself, come join the FUN!"