Write for Skyscanner

Below is the process for how you can contribute to Skyscanner's News Site for a $25 Amazon Voucher:

1.) When you join, you will be provided a list of content topics we are looking for articles on

2.) Visit Skyscanner's list of topics and their deadlines

3.) Claim up to 2 articles you'd like to write about by writing your name next to the topic

          *If there are unclaimed articles after 1 week then you are able to claim additional articles

4.) Look over our article guidelines and SEO best practices

5.) Submit the completed article by the deadline date

6.) Skyscanner will publish the article at their discretion and make any necessary changes

7.) Receive your $25 Amazon voucher

*We ask that you do not write the same article on your blog*

Here are some examples of articles Skyscanner Elite members have written for the Skyscanner News Site: